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Alexander Ripperton

Software Engineer, Automation Expert

I'm a graduate of University of California Berkeley's class of 2021. I'm currently working as a Software Developer for HCL Technologies. I'm passionate about Automation, Data Science, and Generative AI. 

About Me

I'm currently based out of San Diego. Outside of work and personal programming projects you can find me doing one of the following: planning my next mountaineering trip, getting a pump in the gym, surfing waves, skiing powder, attempting to play the guitar, and dominating low stakes poker games.

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DB Fallout Automation


As an HCL Software Engineering Consultant I worked with a large telecommunications company to automate various large scale data corrections caused by bugs in their Eshop platform. I have worked on dozens of automation projects that have saved our client company thousands of  hours  of L2/L3 customer service work. 

Tech Stack: Python, MongoDB, Pymongo, Postman, Oracle SQL, Swagger, Pandas, Excel

Property Management Automation

Freelance project where I built an AI enabled chatbot for a property management company. The bot is able to answer questions from tenants regarding their lease, appliance issues, and even answer questions from prospective renters. Tenants can also submit maintenance requests through the bot which are automatically sent to a management platform using Zapier. 

Tech Stack: Java Script, OpenAI API, Botpress, Zapier, WhatsApp API,

Automatic DB Reporting 

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As a HCL Software Engineering Consultant I built a daily automatic error reporting program. The program sent emails every morning to our client's Project Management team to help them decide which efforts needed to be prioritized.   

Tech Stack: Python, Plotly, Pandas, MIME, MongoDB, Pymongo

AI Embeddings 

Web Scraping 

Screen Shot 2023-06-05 at 10.41.14 AM.png

Personal project where I built an application that integrates OpenAI's Chat GPT API with LangChain embeddings. It allows users to give OpenAI's model context documents that it wouldn't otherwise have access to.

Tech Stack: Python, LangChain, OpenAI API, Llama Index, Gradio

Personal project where I made a series of web scraping bots to help me learn selenium web driver. Projects included a bot that downloaded popular videos from tiktok and posted them to a youtube account with captions, titles, and tags generated by OpenAI GPT-4. 

Tech Stack: Selenium, Python, OpenAI API, FFMPEG




HCL Technologies

Software Developer II

Working on a small consulting team for a large telecommunications company. I use python to automate DB fallout resolutions and reduce manual work needed by L1 engineers

Software Developer I

Wrote programs to automatically send updates to PMs regarding DB fallouts with easy to digest visuals. 

Data Management Intern

Developed my skills in Azure Data Factory, SQL, and Azure Data Catalog. My team and I worked on a retail use case to optimize sales and customer satisfaction through Data Engineering.​


University of California Berkeley

Research Assistant

Received a $5,000 grant to conduct an independent Bioinformatic research project. 
Used Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory computer servers to analyze computational intensive RNA-seq data sets.  


Innovative Genomics Institute

Operations Assistant
Prepared the main conference room for scientific presentations at the Innovative Genomics institute. Co-leader and organizer of the Undergraduate CRISPR Journal Club 




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